Lori A. Gross, CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist is now

Speech & Language Therapy

Social-Emotional Learning

Does your child struggle with interactions and maintaining friendships? Does your child have trouble participating in a group and understanding how their behavior may affect other group members?

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Language Disorders & Delays

Does your child have a difficult time understanding other people? Does your child have trouble expressing thoughts, feelings, and ideas concisely? Do they have difficulty formulating and retrieving language?

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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Does your child have difficulty with change, emotional regulation, communication, social interactions, and transitions? Does your child prefer to play alone or have restricted or repetitive interests?

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Speech Disorders

Does your child have a hard time being understood? Does your child avoid speaking because they are aware they’re difficult to understand?

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Central Auditory Processing Disorder

Does your child have difficulty following directions, or get easily distracted in group situations?

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Executive Functioning

Does your child have difficulty organizing, planning and carrying out goals? When executing plans, can your child think flexibly?

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