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Language Disorders & Delays

Does your child have a difficult time understanding other people? Does your child have trouble expressing thoughts, feelings, and ideas concisely? Do they have difficulty formulating and retrieving language?

Children may present with a receptive language disorder (difficulty processing remembering and understanding language) or an expressive language disorder (difficulty verbalizing thoughts, feelings and ideas easily and effectively). Children may also present with a mixed receptive/expressive language disorder.

A language delay is just that—a delay in the development of language as compared to one’s chronological age. Children with language delays may have difficulty with vocabulary, grammar, word order (syntax) and oral narrative skills. Play skills may also be delayed.

Children with language disorders and delays may struggle to keep up in school and experience social challenges and loss of self esteem. Our goal is to improve your child’s language abilities to support academic achievement, improve social interaction and self confidence.

Language Disorder and Delays
“If you want your child to be intelligent read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

 – Albert Einstein

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