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Athea Davis

Athea Davis


Athea Davis is an author, lifestyle entrepreneur, health and wellness educator and coach, and youth mentor.

She writes, lectures, and consults youth, families, educators, and businesses on topics such as mindfulness, yoga, meditation, health and wellness, classroom management, family/conscious parenting, and a variety of social and emotional learning topics. Athea has a multi-faceted background of corporate and public law experience with health and wellness education and, educational leadership and policy. She brings an innovative and unique approach to the education and health and wellness sectors, guiding others to tune into and spread the Awesomesauce, which she states “is an extra vibrant, extra sparkly, and extra bright state of being we all have access to if we put in the work”. Athea helps kids gain their calm and adults spark their inner child.

She spent the past four years implementing a health and wellness program at one of the toughest urban schools in the Houston Independent School District. Her first three years of implementation were part of a research study investigating the effects of a mindfulness-based health and wellness program on K-5 student performance in an urban public school setting funded by Pure Edge, Inc. (f.k.a., the Sonima Foundation) and conducted by the University of San Diego’s Center for Education Policy and Law.

After the completion of the study, Athea remained on the campus staff as part of the school’s budget to further the program implementation. The principal of the campus at Shadydale Elementary noted that the program was “an integral part of the overall school design.” She was awarded the “Awesomesauce Award” and the “Can’t Stop This Feeling! Award” for her hard work and efforts in transforming the physical education program into a successful health and wellness program that incorporates yoga, mindfulness, literacy, art, music, dance, and a wide range of social and emotional learning competencies.

Athea currently creates and conducts mindfulness and positive and proactive classroom management trainings for educators and educational leaders for the Houston Independent School District’s Social and Emotional Learning Department and other school districts in the Greater Houston Area. Athea also serves as a dedicated volunteer for the Houston area non-profit, Houston:reVision, an organization that provides mentor services for kids on the edge. She mentors youth in prison, facilitates classes and trainings on mindfulness, yoga, and social and emotional learning, and conducts youth interviews for Houston:reVision’s Harris County referrals at the Burnett-Bayland Rehabilitation Center.

She is committed to increasing social and emotional performance for youth, parents, and educators with a passionate interest in integrating yoga and mindfulness, literacy, and social/emotional learning.

Athea Davis is a recipient of the 2018 Classic Award given by Not Your Average Chick. A Not Your Average Chick is a “woman who is indescribable, uncommon, unbothered, and irreplaceable.” Classic Award recipients provide “high quality, timeless, and invaluable contributions to their homes, cities, and communities.” Athea was presented the award for her work in health and wellness education and Today’s Gonna Be Awesomesauce.

In her spare time, Athea takes adventures of all kinds, relishing her most favorite adventures with her superhero love family. Together they love to create and spread the awesomesauce in each breath, step, and light and love dab along the way.

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